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10 Reasons to visit Azerbaijan in winter

1. To visit a Winter Fair at Fountain Square and on the 20th of December at the square in front of the Double Gates. Plunge into the New Year with its wonders. You will feel a Christmas mood and plenty of emotions, enjoying a variety of street food for every taste, accompanied by a street concert.

2. Winter without Seafood? No way! The generous Caspian Sea is able to meet the most biased connoisseurs' tastes with a magnificent range of fish dishes, which are served by many restaurants in the capital and regions. Sturgeon sauce "Absheron" with tomatoes and cheese, salmon, stuffed into a layer cake, lamprey on a hot frying pan, fried on its own fat, kutum with raisins and nuts, baked in the oven or tendir, fish kebabs, and fillets...

3. Visit the famous winter resort "Shahdag"- Azerbaijan's first ski resort, which may well become a competitor to any European winter complexes. So if you love winter as we do, you like to ski - come to Azerbaijan, and we'll take you to Shahdag!

4. Visit its equally famous brother, the resort in Gabala, with its luxurious 5-star hotels, and fantastic snow-capped mountains, to take a ride on the cable car track on the peak of the Tufandag Mountain.  

5. Take a walk in the winter Old City (Icheri Sheher) with its narrow streets, to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient Baku, smell the fresh bread in Tandoor, mingle with the locals, buy souvenirs, and just have a great time. Remember, you have not seen Baku if you have not been to its old town. Wander through the streets and try not to get lost!

6. Go to a true Azeri hammam. Before the New Year, many people love to take a steam bath. An Azerbaijani bath is a perfect place for it!

7. Walk through the winter boulevard. Baku Boulevard is perhaps the most striking landmark of Baku and a favorite place for walks for Bakuvians. Of course! It's 16 km along the coastline. Every few years, according to the city plan, Seaside Park is getting longer. So, start from the Boulevard Hotel and head to the west. Taking a walk, you will see the Maiden's Tower (the old symbol of the city), the cafe "Venice", a carpet museum, Flame Towers (the modern symbol of the city), an open-air gym, Crystal Hall (the Hall, which hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2012), and many more.

8. Go to an exhibition at the Heydar Aliyev Center, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, designed by the stunning contemporary architect Zaha Hadid, which is included in the list of the most unusual buildings of the world. Especially in anticipation of the New Year, the Heydar Aliyev Center offers a range of interesting exhibitions.

9. Enjoy a luxurious New Year's fireworks at the national Seaside Park. Azerbaijanis are definitely not stingy on the New Year and try to show the best fireworks in the Caucasus. The best view, of course, is on the Boulevard, where fireworks are reflected in the sea, creating a double effect.

10. Visit Khinalig, a snow-covered village in the middle of mountains and canyons, where you meet the real descendants of the ancient Albanians, who continue to live in their homes without having to leave the village for centuries, living far from civilization. Location: 50 km from the town of Guba. Travel time: 2.5 hours. Do not think that 50 km is close! Your road will pass through mountains and passes, you will witness spectacular views - snow-covered mountain peaks and dangerous cliffs, so start your journey to Khinalig early in the morning to enjoy the real Caucasus!

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