• Azerbaijan

North Region


Distance from Baku: 168 km

Population: 157,6 thsd person

How to get to: Auto transportation: regular buses Baku – Guba – 3 hours


 Its location is one of the closest to the capital regions of Azerbaijan. Due to its good location (168 km from Baku) and rich infrastructure, the Guba region is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Visitors have long chosen Gechresh place where you can relax in the shady woods, Tangaalti gorge where the river carries Velvelichai stormy waters, the famous waterfall Afurdzhi that is listed in Monuments of Azerbaijani Nature List. The district has a unique mountain village Khinalig, located at an altitude of 2500 m. above sea level. The population of the village is a separate ethnographic group, with its own language. In Guba, there is also a famous village of Krasnaya Sloboda, which is home to one of the largest communities of Mountain Jews in the world. Guba is also famous for its apples, which became its symbol. Furthermore, Guba is a recognized carpet weaving center. There are many architectural monuments preserved in the vicinity of Guba. At one time, Guba was visited by the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, the writer Bestujev-Marly, the famous Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl. And today Guba is welcoming guests from all around the world.

 Guba is located on the north-eastern flanks of hills of the Shahdag mountain belonging to the Greater Caucasus mountains at the altitude of 600 m above sea level on the bank of Gudial river at the distance of 168 km from Baku. Due to the favorable location and rich infrastructure Guba district is one of the favorite tourist destinations.

Visiters since long time ago have chosen Gyachresh place where you can relax in the shady woods, Tengealtin gorge, where the turbulent river Velvelichai runs, the famous Afurdzhin waterfall which is included into the list of “Monuments of Azerbaijan Nature”.

There is a unique mountainous Khinalig village at the territory of this district which located at the altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The population of the village is a separate ethnographic group with its only language which no one else in the world speaks. Not far from Khinalig is located one more distinctive mountainous village – Griz.

The famous village Krasnaya Sloboda which is a home to one of the larges communities of Mountain Jews in the world is also located in Guba. The inhabitants of this village are engaged mainly in trade. You can see pompous, blinding by their beauty villas erected all across the village.

Guba is famous for its apples which have long become its symbol. Guba residents affirm that there are more than 40 different varieties of apples.

Many architectural monuments are preserved in the vicinity of the city: the Juma mosque, the mausoleum of the XVI century, Sakina – Khanum mosque, ancient baths. The city has a historical museum, museum - house of educator, writer and public figure of the XX century A. Bakikhanov.

Besides it Guba is a recognized center of carpet weaving. Local people believe that traditional Guba carpets Chichi, Ag Gul, Pirabadil are the best in Azerbaijan.

At the time Guba was visited by the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, writer Bestuzhev – Marlinskiy, the famous Norwegian scientist and traveler Thor Heyerdahl.

Today everything in Guba is ready to welcome the guests who come more and more with every other year. The Guba information center for tourism provides the visitors with different kinds of assistance.



The village is located on a conical mountain peak at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. They say that this area is associated with Noah. According to the legend, when Noah saw this tall and flat terrain, he dropped the anchor and told everyone to leave the ark. There are about 380 houses that are 200-300 years old. Since the slopes here are very steep, the houses are built very close to each other. The roof of one house is the courtyard for another one located above. Khinalig people preserved their traditional way of life. Since the villagers are mainly engaged in sheep breeding, the weaving is widespread. Locals are one of the Albanian tribes and they speak a completely original language. Khinalig village known not only for its ancient traditions, but also by the fact that Bigfoot has been seen there.... However, you personally can ask the eyewitness Hunter Babaali Babaaliev about this, when you visit this place.


Distance from Baku: 180 km

Population: 90,5 thsd person

How to get to: Auto transportation: regular buses Baku – Gusar – 3,5 hours

Called “Northern Gates” due to its geographical location the Gusar city is the last large settlement in the north of Azerbaijan and borders the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation. In this area live Lezgins – a distinctive hospitable people with a rich culture.

At the territory of Gusar district are four out of nine existing in the Republic climatic zones. Favorable natural conditions create a great opportunity for organization of the resorts, recreational and tourist complexes in this area. The recently opened the summer and winter sports and tourist center of the international standards Shahdag gained a high popularity. This is a popular ski resort in winter and a camp site in the lap of the Caucasus mountains in summer.

Not far from the complex is located an ancient village Laza surrounded by mountains and well known for its majestic waterfalls. Competitions on climbing are held at the frozen waterfalls in winter.

Many historical monuments are preserved in Gusar district.

In 1825-26 in exile in Gusar was Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. The city has a museum-house of the poet.

Cultural life in Gusar is very rich. There are lots of music groups in the city and among them is the folklore ensemble “Lezginka”.

Among the most popular crafts the most developed is carpet weaving – especially production of non-pile rugs “sumah” woven both at home and in the shop located in the city center. By the way, in the same carpet shop is installed the largest loom in the country, at which at the same time can work up to 10 people.

Today the administrative center of Gusar district is a well maintained clean town.

Any information relating to tourist routes can be obtained in the Tourism Information Center located in “Dostlug parki” (“Park of Friendship”).




Distance from Baku: 157 km

Population: 164,5  thsd person

How to get to: Auto transportation: buses Baku –Khachmaz, Baku – Nabran, - 3 hours

By train: Baku – Yalama – 5 hours, Baku – Moscow (up to Yalama)


Khachmaz district located in the north-west of the country covers the most part of Samur –Davachi lowlands and in the north borders the Russian Federation. Besides Khachmaz city the district includes Khudat city, Yalama settlement, Nabran tourist area and some dozens of villages.

More than 60 monuments of history and culture are preserved in the district.

Khachmaz has a rich flora and fauna. 20 800 hectares of land area are covered by forests, 8 rivers run there and there are 3 artificial lakes. The climate is temperate, there are thermal and mineral springs. The flora of the area is represented by medical plants, such as rose, loach, St. John’s - wort, willow, lemon balm etc.

Guests will be glad to see the animal world of this area: it is a home to wild boars, raccoons and in foothills a running through the deer can be seen. There are good opportunities for hunting and fishing in this area. The Gulaln reserve is located here. The most popular recreational area in the country – Nabran  is located here at no doubt.

Here in a beautiful place, where forests are adjacent to the sandy beaches the tourist infrastructure is highly developed: many hotels, hostels, guest houses are built. Conditions in there are different – from luxury hotels and cozy cottages for small number of visitors to the tent camps.

Nabran resorts are climatic resorts in Azerbaijan. The local sea water, hot sand and sunbathing are considered extremely useful for recreation and treatment of many diseases.

Nabran is always crowded in pick season because thousands of tourists from all over the country and from abroad come here to take a break from working days. There are relict forests here with many ancient beeches and elms.

Among the most popular tourist centers are Atlant, Palma, Malibu, Sahil, Lotos, Green Ville, etc. The most popular entertainments for holidaymakers are water parks, swimming pools, riding on scooters, “bananas”, paintball, soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc. Many restaurants offering delicious national and European cuisine are functioning on the coast. Bars and discos are working until dawn.

Staying at one of the hotels in Nabran you can easily make trips and excursions to nearby towns and surrounding districts: to go to Khachmaz with its shady parks and cozy tea houses, explore the ancient fortress in Khudat city, to go to the sauna with healing thermal waters in Khudat or to pay a visit to the Olympic complex in Gusar. It is worth to look at “Iron Gates” of  Derbent fortress and places of stay of ancient man.

Tourists love to visit the Nabran. This area is well known worldwide. Everyone wants to enjoy the sun lying on a sandy beach and in the evening to taste a kebab sturgeon. And go back home remembering local forests and clean air in order to come back here again.