• The best hiking tours in Azerbaijan

The best hiking tours in Azerbaijan

If you are on this site either you are in Azerbaijan or you will travel to Azerbaijan and looking for a hiking trail in Azerbaijan. At first, we have to say you can find all kinds of hiking trails in Azerbaijan. If you want you can walk in the forests of the central region of Azerbaijan, if you want you can observe the mountain of Azerbaijan in north and northwest region of Azerbaijan or you can discover the desert of Azerbaijan in Gobustan region.

If you are a traveler in Azerbaijan and you have just a few days here, you can not get to know all of the beauty of Azerbaijan.  So you can choose the best hiking trails and participate in it. We will describe the trails as detailed as possible. So let us know which is your favorite.



Griz Waterfall hiking tour

Griz is located on 2000 m surrounded in one side steep deep canyon of Gudyalchay in another side steep rocky slopes of Gizilgaya. The people of the village are Giriz belongs to Shahdag branch of Lezgi language group.

The village has its own beauty in every season. In winter it is one of the best trail because it is not one of the hard hiking in Azerbaijan but you can feel the real ice cold. And in summer the waterfall is the best point to become cool.

Actually we drive the hardest part of the trail by the off-roaders but if you like the hard hiking you can hike without any car.

And I think the best part of the hiking is lunch in a local house in Griz village.

Distance: 8 km




Khinalig Galakhudat hiking tour

On this trail, you will not only walk on the foothills of the Great Caucasian Mountains but also, explore the unique culture and lifestyle of the local people. With its wonderful air, atmosphere and lunch experience Khinalig hiking tour is our most asked hiking tour in Azerbaijan. Because of its location, scenery and relative isolation, Khinalug is considered one of Azerbaijan`s premier destinations for hikers and adventure travelers.


Khinalig is one of the remote and historic villages of Azerbaijan and Caucasus. The hiking suits especially the people, who do not have any hiking experiences or will hike with children. The hiking is not stressed that is why if you want to rest in the mountains while hiking Khinalig hiking tour is the best hiking tour for you. The lunch and tee-break in Galeykhudat village after the hiking will be the best rest of your travel to Azerbaijan. Because you will eat national Azerbaijani food, which was made from pure organic vegetables and meat.

We suggest you participate in the hiking especially from March till June and from September till November. Because in these months you can find more flowers, herbals, and birds on the hiking route. But in every season you can visit the region and participate on the hiking trail.

Distance 11 km



Lahij Babadagh Khinalig

If you have more time to spend in Azerbaijan, you can take part in marvelous trekking tour – Lahij Babadagh Khinalig.

Lahij is one of the most ancient human settlements in Azerbaijan. The Lahij District is located in the Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range almost 1200 meters above sea level.

During the Medieval Period, Lahij became an important center of craftsmen in Azerbaijan. The skilled craftsmen included jewelers, blacksmiths, carpenters, carpet makers, engravers, painters, tanners, shoemakers and bast shoemakers, sock weavers and others.

On this trekking tour, you can learn about the history and ancient states in the region. And then you will climb the Babadagh peak (3628 m), which is known as the holy place by the religious people and then you will camp next to the mountain lakes on 3300-meter height above the sea level and you will enjoy a good camping experience in Azerbaijan. You will explore Haput village, which has a unique language and perfect view, on the last night of the trekking in Azerbaijan.

Distance 40 km

Duration 3 days

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