Shahdagh (4243 m.) mountain climbing with acclimitization in the local villages

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Shahdagh (4243 m.) mountain climbing with acclimitization in the local villages


1500 per person in 10 pax

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9 Days

Day 1. - Arrival in Baku. Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel - Free time after check-in - Dinner in the restaurant - Night in the hotel. Landing in Baku, the harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern architecture welcomes you. As you're transferred from the airport to the hotel, the city's dynamic spirit is palpable. After checking in, you're free to unwind and relax from your journey. The evening culminates with a delightful dinner at a local restaurant, introducing you to Azerbaijan's rich culinary legacy. The night draws to a close with the comforts of the hotel, promising a restful sleep.


Day 2. - Setting out from Baku at 9. - Reach Xanagah village at 12:30. Tee brake in Xanagah village.(870 m altitude) - We will start to hike around at 13 to Girdah village. (3 km)(1200 m alt.) Around 2 o’clock we will be in Girdah village and have lunch. - At 14:30 we will continue our hike to Zixir village (7 km) - Tee break in Zixir village. Continuing to Daligaya village. (3 km) (1740) - Dinner and stay in Daligaya village. As dawn breaks, you depart from Baku, embarking on a journey to Xanagah village. The village, located at an altitude of 870 meters, greets you with its rustic charm, and a rejuvenating tea break awaits. The trek to Girdah village immerses you in nature's embrace. Post the hike, a sumptuous lunch energizes you. The afternoon sees you trekking through Zixir village, leading finally to Daligaya. As twilight sets in, the village's hospitality shines, offering you a delectable dinner and a cozy night.


DAY 3. - Get up early morning at 7 and having breakfast. - Setting out at 8 o’clock to Budug village (8 km)(1750 m. Alt.) - At 14 having lunch in Budug village - At 15 hike to Zeyid village (4 km) (2100 m) - At 18 being in Zeyid village and having dinner. - Night in Zeyid village Greeted by the early rays, you enjoy a hearty breakfast and set out towards Budug village. Ascending to 1750 meters altitude, you're treated to panoramic vistas. Lunch in Budug reinvigorates, and the trek to Zeyid village begins. With its 2100 meters elevation, Zeyid offers a unique charm. The evening is marked by a sumptuous dinner and a night spent absorbing the village's serenity.


Day 4. - Get up early morning at 7 and having breakfast. - Setting out at 8 o’clock to Haput village(13 km)(1925 m. Alt.) - Lunch at 13 at the pasture - At 17 we will be in Haput village and have dinner. - Night in Haput Village The early morning light beckons another day of adventure. The destination is Haput village. En route, a pastoral lunch amidst nature's beauty awaits. The village, with its 1925 meters elevation, is a haven of peace. The day concludes with a delightful dinner and a promise of a restful night.


Day 5. - Get up early morning at 8 o’clock - Setting out to Khinalig at 9 o’clock (15 km 3 km buy cars) (2200m) - We will be in Khinalig around 2 o’clock and have lunch - Resting, having dinner, and sleep earlier around 20:00-21:00 o’clock Khinalig, a gem nestled at 2200 meters, beckons. The journey is marked by scenic beauty, culminating in a midday lunch in Khinalig. The afternoon is for rest and reflection. As evening approaches, a delectable dinner is served, followed by an early night, preparing you for the adventure ahead.


Day 6 - Get up early morning at 3 o’clock and having breakfast - Setting out at 4 o’clock to Shahyaylag and Shahdag summit (4243 m). - At 6 o’clock we will be at Shahyaylag and start to hike from 3000 m to the summit. - Around 12-13 o’clock we will be in the summit. - Around 14 we will have lunch (We will take something from Khinalig to eat, something like take-away) - At 18 o’clock we will be in the village and have dinner. - Night in the village. Conquering Shahdag's Summit In the pre-dawn hours, you set out for Shahyaylag. The true challenge is the ascent from Shahyaylag to the Shahdag summit, standing proud at 4243 meters. The summit rewards with unparalleled views, making every step worth the effort. A packed lunch from Khinalig satiates the hunger. The day ends back in the village, with a well-deserved dinner and rest.


Day 7. - Get up at 10 o’clock and having breakfast - Walking around Khinalig village to Ateshgah or to waterfall - At 14 Lunch in Khinalig village - At 15 hike to Galakhudat village (9 km) (2150 m.) The Charms of Khinalig and Galakhudat Waking up leisurely, you're free to explore Khinalig's wonders, from Ateshgah to the local waterfall. Post-lunch, the path leads to Galakhudat village, situated at an altitude of 2150 meters, offering another slice of Azerbaijani rural life.


Day 8. - Get up at 8 o’clock and having breakfast getting ready. - At 10 road to Baku - Check-in at the hotel - Lunch in Baku in the restourant - Baku city tour. - Dinner - Night at the hotel Baku's Welcoming Embrace Baku beckons again. After breakfast, you're on the road, with the city's vibrancy welcoming you back. After checking into your hotel, a delicious lunch in a Baku restaurant awaits. The afternoon is dedicated to exploring Baku's landmarks, from the Flame Towers to the historic Inner City. Dinner in the city promises culinary delights. The night is spent in the comforts of your hotel, reminiscing about the adventures.


Day 9. - Having breakfast - Departure. Farewell to Azerbaijan The final day starts with a leisurely breakfast. Memories packed alongside your belongings, you prepare for departure, taking with you tales of adventure, beauty, and the warmth of Azerbaijani hospitality. This detailed narrative encapsulates the essence of your nine-day expedition, offering glimpses into the soul of Azerbaijan's landscapes and culture. Safe travels!

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