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The highest peak of Azerbaijan - Bazarduzu group tour


250 usd

Per Person

Tour start date



4 days

Short itinerary:
1. Airport to Khinalig village

2. Khinalig village to 2. base camp

3. Peak day - Back to Khinalig village

4. Back to Baku and airport

1. Day - Arrival in Baku - Driving to Khinalig village (4 hours from Baku) (2200 m.) - Acclimatization - Having rest in the local house From Baku's Bustle to Khinalig's Serenity From the first step onto Baku's terra firma, the air is charged with a sense of adventure. The city, a unique blend of modernity and history, is merely the prologue. The journey toward Khinalig village, a 4-hour scenic drive, unfolds nature's vast canvas, with the landscape transforming from urban sprawl to mountainous grandeur. Nestled at 2200 meters, Khinalig, one of the world’s highest and ancient mountain villages, offers more than just visual splendor; it’s a portal to the country's rich tapestry of culture. This day prioritizes acclimatization, crucial for the trekking challenges ahead. Amidst the village’s rustic charm, one can rest, rejuvenate, and gear up for the forthcoming adventure.

2. Day. - From Khinalig to Shahyaylag (2800 m.) - From Shahyaylag to 2. Base camp of Bazarduzu (12 km – 4 hours) (3200) - Camping and resting The Ascent to Bazarduzu's Base The morning in Khinalig starts with a brisk freshness, a teaser for the day's trek. The journey from Khinalig to Shahyaylag, elevated at 2800 meters, sets the tone. The path, lined with the occasional bloom and under the watchful eyes of soaring birds, is both challenging and fulfilling. Shahyaylag, however, is just a waypoint. The true challenge is the trek to Bazarduzu's 2nd Base Camp. Covering 12 km in about 4 hours, this trail, sitting at a dizzying 3200 meters, promises a sense of accomplishment. The day culminates in camping under a canopy of stars, where the silence is occasionally interrupted by nature's whispers.

3. Day. - Climbing the summit (5-6 hours) - Back to Shahyaylag - Lunch in Khinalig village - Back to Guba city. - Overnight at the Shahdagh Hotel Guba or similar Conquering Bazarduzu and Retreating to Comfort The day begins early, with Bazarduzu's summit beckoning. The climb, expected to last 5-6 hours, is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. Yet, with every upward step, nature unfurls its beauty, urging one forward. The summit is the reward - a vantage point where the world below seems both minute and infinite. But the descent is equally crucial. The path back to Shahyaylag, followed by a sumptuous lunch in Khinalig, reinvigorates tired souls. The day's final leg is the return to Guba city, where luxury awaits. The Shahdagh Hotel (or a similar establishment) becomes the night's sanctuary, offering comforts to soothe tired muscles and lull trekkers into a deep sleep.

4. Day. - Back to Baku Relishing Reflections on the Road Back to Baku As dawn paints Guba in its golden hue, a sense of bittersweet nostalgia sets in. The road back to Baku, interspersed with memories of the trek, is a journey of reflection. Every winding road and fleeting landscape serves as a reminder of nature's grandeur and the human spirit's resilience. Upon reaching Baku, the contrast is palpable. The city’s bustling streets and towering structures stand in stark contrast to the mountain’s serene vastness. Yet, each has its own charm. And as the day fades, there’s a realization - adventures like these aren’t just about the destination but the journey and the myriad emotions they evoke. This narrative captures the essence of the four-day Bazarduzu Trekking Tour, intertwining nature's beauty with the adventurer's spirit. Safe trekking!

1. and 3. Homestay in Khinalig village. Rooms shared by genders. In a room can stay 3-10 people. There is only 1 bathroom in the homestay. Squad toilet. Breakfast included. 

Professional, certificated mountain guides

- Meals in Khinalig village are included.

- Transports 

Baku to Khinalig - Comfortable van
Khinalig to Shahyaylag base camp - UAZ 469 or GAZ 66
- Camping equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag and camping mat
- Carrying camping equipment by horses to the camping place and back
- Hot water during camping days
Not included
- Meals in the camping place are not included
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Homestay and camping


Homemade meals


Airconditioned car


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